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Frequently asked questions about Rockwell.


"The old rock well."

P.O. Box 506
202 E. Main St.
Rockwell, N.C. 28138
Voice 704-279-2180
Fax 704-279-0454

Please note:

It is against Town Ordinance to blowing grass clippings out into the street.  Not only is it unsightly, but it can clog the storm drains.  It also becomes slick and may be a traffic hazard if it gets wet.



    Loose leaf pickup will be during the fall months beginning in November and continuing thru the first of January.  Place leaves and grass in one pile.  Leaves and grass may be bagged after the initial pickup period for easy disposal.  Do not mix any other trash or materials with your yard debris.

    Leaf Pick Up Schedule (view on web page)  (PDF for printing)


    Collection of yard debris, brush, limbs no greater than six (6”) inches in diameter, is by the regular weekly cycle, and does not require any notification by the homeowner.  The Town will only collect the yard debris from homeowner’s normal maintenance of their yards.  The Town will NOT pick up yard debris from the clearing of undeveloped lots or areas where contractors or homeowners are doing major landscaping renovations.  All paid contractors are responsible for removal/disposal of limbs.  The Town will NOT pick up leaves, brush, limbs that have been placed on a vacant lot.

    Yard debris must be placed in the Town right-of-way free from obstructions such as mailboxes, signs, overhead wires or limbs.  Debris should be put out by the beginning of the scheduled pick-up week to ensure collection during that week.  Once the town trucks pass through your area, they will not return until the next weekly cycle.

    All limbs should be 6 feet or less in length and stacked in an orderly fashion so that they may be easily picked up and loaded.  All big ends must be turned the same way.


    Any questions on yard debris should be referred to Public Works at 704-279-2180.


    Construction & Demolition (Remodeling) Debris – (Treated lumber, wallboard, siding, doors, windows, paneling, trim work, pipes, shingles, tires, etc.)

    Earthwork type materials (bricks, stones, concrete, soil, etc.)

    Hazardous / Toxic materials (gasoline, antifreeze, solvents, liquid paint, pesticides, poisons, explosives, etc.)

Information or assistance with disposal of these items is handled through the Rowan County Solid Waste Division.                                                                              (Ord. passed 2009) is the official web site of the Town of Rockwell, North Carolina