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Frequently asked questions about Rockwell.


"The old rock well."

P.O. Box 506
202 E. Main St.
Rockwell, N.C. 28138
Voice 704-279-2180
Fax 704-279-0454

Police Department Frequently Asked Questions

I was involved in a traffic accident in Rockwell.  How do I get a copy of the Wreck Report?

  • Crash Reports are available by 12:00 pm the next business day after the crash.  It is a complete copy of your DMV-349 crash investigation report and is available at the Rockwell Police Department.  There is a processing charge of $ 2.00 for each Crash Report.

I need to talk with an officer, but it’s not an EMERGENCY.

  • You may call our business office number (704) 279-3420.  If no one is there, you can leave a message on our voice mail or call the non-emergency communications center number (704) 216-8500.  The tele-communicator will be glad to dispatch an officer to your location or have him return a call to you.

I’m going out of town on vacation.  Can the Police “keep an eye” on my house while I’m gone?

  • Please contact us and come by to complete a residence check request.  An officer while on his regular daily patrol will drive by and check your property at least once during his shift. (time and call load permitting).  We offer this as a free service to town residents, in an effort to protect your property while away. The Town of Rockwell cannot guarantee that this will keep your home from being damaged or broken into, but it does give some added security to the homeowner and surrounding neighbors while you’re away.

I was involved in a minor “bump up” in the parking lot of  “xyz store”.   I exchanged insurance information with the other driver and we left without calling the police.  Now I find out that their insurance coverage has lapsed and the phone number given has been disconnected.  What can I do?

  • You may come by Rockwell Police Department during regular business hours, and an officer will attempt to help you with the information you were given.  However, when you and the other party agreed to exchange information and leave the scene, it then becomes a civil agreement and you may need to seek the advise and direction of an attorney.

It’s only a minor “bump up”.  Do I really need to call the Police or 911?

  • We prefer that you contact 911 and have law enforcement come and complete an investigation and a crash report when the accident occurs, (before vehicles are moved and everyone leaves the scene).  After vehicles are moved and witnesses have left, it becomes very difficult and costly to complete an accurate investigation.  We, as law enforcement are usually able to determine the validity of insurance, and obtain proper information on drivers and passengers, prior to allowing them to leave the scene, which really protects you.  

I need a set of fingerprints completed for my new job or employment?  Who / Where do I call?

  • You can call or come by the business office of the Rockwell Police Department.  An officer will assist you by either completing an inked card, advise you to “come on down”, or give you an appointment time when it can be completed.

Is there a charge for completing a fingerprint card?

  • There is a $5.00 charge for each fingerprint card completed; due at the time it is completed.  We will only take cash or checks for the correct amount made to Rockwell Police Department.  (Credit / Debit cards are not accepted.)

I am a parent and would like my child fingerprinted for our records and identification in the event my child is kidnapped or abducted.  Does your agency do this?

  • Yes.  This is done at the Rockwell Police Department as a community service, and there is no charge for this service.  Upon completion, the fingerprints and records are given to you, the parent for safe keeping, should anything ever to occur and were needed.

I need a background check and a copy of my criminal history for my job or employment?  Can I get that at the Rockwell Police Department?

  • A copy of the public information is available at our office, if you were arrested by a Rockwell Police officer.  However, it is suggested that you contact the Clerk of Courts office in the respective county where the arrest occurred for a complete criminal history.   

Where is the Rockwell Police Department located?  I need directions…

  • We are located at 303 W. Main St. in Rockwell, NC.

    Coming from Salisbury I-85 area, travel US Hwy 52 south approx. 9 miles to Rockwell.  We are located on the right, 1 block north of NC Hwy 152 intersection.

    Coming from Albemarle US Hwy 52 area, continue to travel north on US Hwy 52 crossing NC Hwy 49 in Richfield, approx. 20 miles to Rockwell.  We are located on the left, 1 block past the intersection of NC Hwy 152.

    Coming I-85 north from Charlotte, take exit 69 (China Grove / Rockwell Exit).  At the top of the ramp, turn right and travel NC Hwy 152 approx. 9 miles to Rockwell.  Continue NC Hwy 152, turning left the US Hwy 52 intersection. We are located 1 block north on the left.

I came by the Rockwell Police Department and no one was there.  How do I find an officer or contact someone?

  • There is always an officer available.  However, we are a small agency, and there is no secretary on staff.   If no one is at the office, there is a direct line to our communications center in the red emergency box located by the front door.  Just pick up the receiver and wait for a tele-communicator to answer or Dial 911 on your phone.  If it is not an emergency, you may call (704) 216-8500 and the tele-communicator will have the officer call or come by to assist you. If you call, please don’t leave unless instructed to do so.

When I came by, there was only a Deputy there.  Where’s the Police Officer?

  • There is an officer on duty, but due to staffing and call load, may not be in the office.  We allow the Sheriff’s Department the use of our facility as a satellite office, to have an increased law enforcement presence in the area as a deterrent to crime.  Please feel free to ask a deputy for assistance or to have him call a Rockwell Officer for you.

I need to have my Child Passenger Safety Seat checked to see if it’s properly installed.  Can Rockwell Police Department assist me with checking that?

  • We have several officers available who are Certified CPS Technicians and can assist you with checking your seat for recalls and being properly installed.  Call or Contact us to schedule an appointment with an officer.

There is a “stray” dog in my yard that I want to get picked up.  Can an officer come by and get it?

  • In Rockwell, animal complaints are handled by Rowan County Animal Control.  Their number is (704) 216-7768.  In the event that the animal, appears to be rabid or is threatening your family member(s) or pet(s), feel free to contact 911 and a Rockwell Police Officer will be dispatched to your location, to assist until a Rowan County animal control officer can arrive.

An officer called my residence and left a message to call in reference to a “civil paper”.  My caller ID shows that they called from your police department number.

  • Rockwell Police officers serve criminal subpoenas; criminal summons, warrants, and orders for arrest in our jurisdiction.  Civil papers such as civil summons, 50-B’s, evictions, papers involving divorce and/or property settlements are all handled by the Sheriff of Rowan County.  Many times, a deputy will stop by and use our phone in an effort to locate an individual.

I have a Rockwell address.  Why can’t the Rockwell Police help me?

  • Rockwell Police Department serves the citizen’s within municipal limits of the Town of Rockwell.  The “Rockwell area” encompasses a large area with mailing addresses listed as Rockwell, NC, which even goes into Cabarrus County.  The Rowan County Sheriff’s Department serves areas outside of the city limits.  If you’re unsure who serves you due to your location, please feel free to contact us. 

I don’t live inside the Rockwell City Limits.  Why did the Rockwell police come out to my residence?

  • One of two circumstances may have occurred.  The Rowan County Sheriff’s Department may have been dispatched to your address or a location near you.  It may have been a call that required a response of 2 or more units and they requested a Rockwell unit to assist, or they may not have been close by and requested Rockwell to assist by handling the call for the sheriff’s Department.  The second circumstance is that a Rockwell Officer may have been investigating a crime or incident that occurred in Rockwell and our investigation led us to an address outside of Rockwell.  Either way, we have legal jurisdiction to respond to your location.

I received a traffic citation and am not a local resident.  Where do I go to court for this charge?

  • All charges that occur in Rockwell are handled in the 19C Judicial District in Salisbury, NC.  The Courthouse location is 210 N. Main St., Salisbury, NC.  The courthouse facility normally opens at 8:00 am, with the opening of court around 9:00 for calendar call.  You need to be present on your court day for calendar call or a process may be issued for your failure to appear as directed by citation.

I received a traffic citation and would like to pay it off without having to make an appearance in court.  Is this possible?

  • Some traffic offenses are waivable (can be paid off without a courtroom appearance) and can be paid off at the Clerk of Courts Office prior to the court date.  You will need to contact the Rowan County Clerk of Court, Criminal Division in Salisbury, NC.  They are located at 210 N. Main St., Salisbury, NC  The phone no. is (704) 797-3015

My vehicle was towed by one of the Rockwell Police officers.  How do I go about getting it back?

  • You will need to call the Rockwell Police Department business office between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. providing the officer you speak with, information about the driver and/or owner of the vehicle, and why it may have been towed.  If it is releasable, he will advise you and provide you the necessary information required to get a vehicle release.  Note: Vehicle releases are only given to the registered owner of the vehicle.  You will need to show proof of ownership with photo ID and have someone with a valid driver’s license to retrieve the vehicle.  Under certain circumstances, the vehicle may be seized by the court system, and you may not be able to get the vehicle back.

Someone left a vehicle abandoned on my property or parking lot.  Can I get the Rockwell Police to have it towed?

  • You may call the Rockwell Police Department or 911 and have an officer check this vehicle.  If it involved in a crime or is stolen, we will gladly have it towed and stored.  If it is not, then you (the property owner) have the right to have it removed and stored, and should make every effort to notify the owner of the vehicle where it has been taken.  An officer should be able to assist you in determining who the registered owner is.  The Rockwell Police will not tow a vehicle from private property, if it is not involved in some type of crime.

I seem to be having a problem with individuals trespassing on my property.  Can the police department assist me with this problem?

  • Yes, However; if you have encountered this problem before, know the identity information of this individual(s), and have advised them before not to be back on the property, then you only need to go the magistrate’s office and obtain a criminal process for trespassing.  If you don’t have the necessary information, a Rockwell officer should be able to assist you with the investigation.

I live out of town and have problems with trespassing on my property.  Can the Rockwell Police watch my property and act upon these problems without me being present?

  • Yes, However; you will need to execute a trespass agreement, which gives our officers the authority to act as an agent for you when we encounter these problems.  Please contact our department during normal business hours to complete the necessary paperwork.

I have had my ATM/Debit card lost or stolen, and now it has been used to purchase items at stores in other cities or locations.  Can the Rockwell Police help me with this crime?

  • Yes, If it is lost or stolen from you in Rockwell, we will be glad to complete the Incident report for the theft.  You will then need to make contact with your financial institution, and advise them of this criminal activity.  Upon completion of that, you will need to contact each agency (Police Department) where the fraudulent transaction occurred, which could potently be several agencies, filing Fraud Investigation reports there .

I received a bad check from someone here in Rockwell.  How do I go about getting this handled in court to get the money, I’m owed?

  • If you know the name/address information of the person who issued the check, and the check is for less than $ 1000.00, then you can contact the magistrate’s office with that information, and get a criminal process issued for a person who wrote the check.  If it is for more than $1000.00, this constitutes a felony.  You will need to bring the bad check and come the Rockwell Police Department to complete an investigation report, so the officer can obtain the felony warrant.

Where is the Magistrate’s Office located?

  • They are located at 118 W. Liberty St, Salisbury, NC.  It is off of the 200 Block of N. Main St. in downtown Salisbury, directly across the street from the Rowan County Courthouse and detention center.

What are the hours for the Rowan County Magistrate’s Office?

  • There is a magistrate on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I know there is an outstanding Warrant for my arrest.  Can I turn myself in at the Rockwell Police Department.?

  • Yes, you may come by anytime and a Rockwell Officer will assist you with service of the warrant.  After completing the necessary paperwork at our office, you will be transported to the Magistrate’s office in Salisbury, NC for setting of a court date and determining your conditions of release.  If we are not the agency holding the warrant, it will be helpful if you know which agency may have the warrant, so we can get it transferred in.

I received a warning citation while driving in Rockwell.  Will this go on my driving record, causing my insurance to go up?

  • No.  Warning citations are just that.  It just a warning to remind you to be a safe driver.  This warning citation is only recorded in our agency and does not go to the Department of Motor Vehicle or any of the Insurance Underwriters.

Does the Rockwell Police Department offer any kind of public education programs or demonstrations?

  • Yes, our officers do from time to time offer programs for civic and church groups, to promote safety within our community.  Some of the programs we offer are Child ID. Fingerprints, Proper use of Child Passenger Safety Seats, Keeping yourself safe while shopping, Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, How not to get caught in an Internet scam, and Demonstrations of the Rockwell Police K-9. is the official web site of the Town of Rockwell, North Carolina