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"The old rock well."

P.O. Box 506
202 E. Main St.
Rockwell, N.C. 23138
Voice 704-279-2180
Fax 704-279-0454

Leaf Pick-up Schedule for 2017 - 2018

Download PDF

Download this schedule (PDF)

**Note - Leaves are to be placed in an easily accessible location just behind the curb, gutter, or drainage ditch. (Leaves only with no limbs or other debris)  The Town will not pick up leaves with other debris mixed in. Leaves located near parked cars will not be picked up.

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3   A
Nov. 6-10:  B  
Nov. 13-17:  C
Nov. 20-22: D
Nov. 27-Dec 1:  A

Dec.   4-8:  B
Dec. 11-15:  C
Dec. 18-22:  D
Dec. 28-29:  CALL-INS
Jan.    2-5:  CALL-INS

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3
Nov. 27 - Dec. 1

Nov. 6 - 10
Dec. 4 - 8

Nov. 13 - 17
Dec. 11 - 15

Nov. 20 - 22
Dec. 18 - 22

Ashley Drive
Barger Street
Brown Street
N. Cherry Street
Division Ave.
Fesperman Street
Hazelwood Drive
Hillcrest Drive
Hunter’s Glen Dev.
Hunter’s Point
Joe Street
Lake Drive
Lentz Street
West Main Street
Market Street
Moses Road
Palmer Circle
Palmer Road
Salisbury Street
Sides Street
Viscount Street

Bost Circle
Briarcliff Road
Cal Miller Road
Cannon Street
Carolina Avenue
Charles Street
S. Cherry Street
Crescent Street
Hwy. 152
Link Street
Lowerstone Ch. Rd.
Misenheimer Street
Oak Street
Railroad Street
Rolling Hills Dev.
School Street
Shinn Street
White Oaks Lane
Winecoff Street
Woodland Drive
Wooster Street

Carolyn Avenue
Depot Street
Emanuel Church Rd
Ferris Avenue
S. Hambley Street
Holshouser Street
Klondale Street
Liberty Street
East Main Street
Pecan Street
Pine Street
Ruth Street
S. Trexler Street
Williams Drive

Broad Street
Center Street
Cross Street
Gold Hill Avenue
N. Hambley Street
Industrial Avenue
Oak Creek Dev.
Short Street
N. Trexler Avenue
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