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Frequently asked questions about Rockwell.


"The old rock well."

P.O. Box 506
202 E. Main St.
Rockwell, N.C. 28138
Voice 704-279-2180
Fax 704-279-0454

Garbage & Recycling Pick Up

The Town’s garbage and recycling are picked up by a private

A 95 gallon roll out garbage can and 18 gallon recycling bin will be
furnished.  Only garbage in the roll out cans will be picked up.  No extra
bags will be picked up. 

Pickups will be begin around 5:00 am. therefore it will be best to set cans
out the night before. 

Pickup for both garbage and recycling will be every Friday.  Pickups will be every Friday unless Christmas Day or New Years Day happens to fall on a Friday. 

Two separate trucks will go around town for pickups.  The smaller truck will pick up just recyclables. 


Recycling and garbage must be kept separate.  If recyclables are mixed with garbage they will all go into the garbage.
Please recycle!

Should you have extra recyclables that do not fit in your bin, please place them in either white or clear bags and sit beside the bin. 

This list shows items which are acceptable to be placed into the recycle bins:

        Aluminum Cans
        Glass Bottles (Brown & Clear Only)
        Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags ( NO pizza boxes or waxy coated
               cardboard. Flatten all boxes)
        Mixed Paper & Newspaper
        Soda Bottles
        Milk Jugs
        Steel Cans (Please rinse) is the official web site of the Town of Rockwell, North Carolina